Multifunctional device, designed according to medical standards. Quite safe and painless, consisting of four types of technology: bipolar RF, 940nm infrared laser beam, mechanical tissue stimulation with rollers-endermologie and vacuum.

These four types of technology effectively improve metabolism, reduce fat deposits, tighten body and face skin, and remove cellulite.

With a single treatment of 30 minutes on a specific area, you get four treatments in one: laser, radiofrequency, vacuum and lipomassage.

With the use of 940nm infrared laser light, skin’s flexibility is improved and collagen and elastin are restored.

The bipolar radio frequency generates heat that warms the subcutaneous fat tissue and thus helps the lipocytes break down in the subcutaneous level.

The endermologie roller with the vacuum massage improves circulation and breaks down fat, both in the deeper tissues and in the superficial skin layers.

This treatment is recommended to achieve the following effects:

* increased oxygen content in the blood and improved body microcirculation;

* decreased localized fat, lipolysis and body shaping (arms, legs, waistline, stomach and hips);

* helps restore the body to its original state after childbirth;

* tightened skin;

* reduced stretch marks;

* lymph drainage;

* reduced muscle pain as it acts as a therapeutic treatment for the whole body.

With a series of ten treatments, the body’s volume will be reduced by 3-6 cm, fat will be reduced up to 60%, and body skin stretched to 75%.

The duration of one treatment is 30 minutes for a selected area. The treatment is recommended two to three times a week.

The full effect of the treatment is seen 1-2 months after the treatments.


Vacuslim 48 – 1 treatment-ВАКУСЛИМ 48-1 ТРЕТМАН


It is a professional treatment for weight loss and elimination of cellulite that can always be applied quickly and easily, especially when the process of slimming and improving the body skin appearance should be started and accelerated immediately.



* visibly reduced volume as 5-10cm are lost after the first treatment;

* improved look and tonus of the skin after a series of treatments;

* elimination of excess fluids;

* metabolic action of active substances in the process of lipolysis (fat breakdown);

* the sauna and press effect (lymph drainage effect) is achieved at the same time with the vacuum;

* the Vacuslim 48 anti-cellulite and slimming method can be combined with weight loss treatments such as cavitations, radiofrequency, body slimmer, lipolaser, electro-stimulations, maderotherapy and manual anti-cellulite massages.

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