Drawing eyebrows that give a completely natural and incredibly attractive look!
The current technique of applying permanent makeup to the eyebrows by drawing two thin lines with the apparatus has already been overcome. A step forward is made with the so-called Japanese technique for permanent eyebrow drawing.
This method does not use a drawing apparatus as before, but eyebrows, hair by hair, are drawn directly to the skin by using a special applicator with a small cutter. This specific method of drawing gives a completely natural appearance, since the entire form is not filled, but, by this special technique, thin and curved hairs are drawn in the direction of their natural growth.
Most appropriate candidates for this treatment are those who have mistaken the shape of their eyebrows, and thus destroyed their natural appearance, density and size, as well as those who, for some reason, gradually began to lose their eyebrows.
The term “natural-looking” eyebrows means fine-trimmed eyebrows that very much resemble their natural appearance. By drawing hair by hair, one gets the impression that the eyebrows are not drawn at all, something that was more difficult to achieve with previous eyebrow techniques.
The first step is to determine the natural shape of the eyebrows according to the front bone and face physiognomy. By incorrect eyebrow shaping over the years, they can completely lose their proper shape, and clients will forget what the authentic shape of their eyebrows actually was. The Japanese hair-to-hair technique helps to correct the shape in such cases.
What is particularly important to know if you choose this treatment?
First and foremost, permanent makeup is done in sterile conditions and exclusively with disposable equipment.
You need to make sure you want this treatment. Before you decide on it, you can consult us about any dilemmas you have. Keep in mind that this is a kind of temporary tattoo that lasts a long time.
You should be aware that your suggestions in determining the shape of the eyebrows can often be the cause of your dissatisfaction with their final appearance at the end of treatment.
Your eyebrows will look beautiful only if they fit your face. Hence, you should know that the shape of the eyebrows you have desired because you liked it on other persons, when drawn to yours may not meet your expectations.
Therefore, it is very important to know that if you want a successful result and a good visual effect, you have to trust the professional and let him take care of the look of your eyebrows.
The first week after treatment is the period of getting used to the new look of your eyebrows.
How long does the effect of this treatment last?
In theory, since the pigment binds to cells in the epidermis, and those cells renew for up to 2 years, the pigment itself should last that long too. However, in practice this is not the case. Factors affecting cell renewal must be taken into account. Important factor is the post-treatment period, as well as the skin type. Oily or problematic skin, prolonged exposure to sun, solarium, various abrasive treatments and use of creams for skin regeneration are factors that could contribute to faster fading of the eyebrow pigment.
After treatment, the advice given should be observed in the first week and proper eyebrow care should be taken to avoid losing color along with the scabs formed after treatment. Correction is required after 20 days of treatment. You will get the final look and pigment after the first eyebrow correction.
In addition, pigment refreshment is needed once a year, depending on the skin type. That will prolong the color intensity throughout the year.
Trends related to eyebrow shapes, which dictate their height, length or thickness, are changing very rapidly. They are not taken into account when applying this technique.
The shape of the eyebrows is formed solely according to the shape of the client’s face and character. The pigment, i.e. the color of the eyebrows, is determined by the pigment of your natural eyebrows. By following these rules, the Afrodita-S expert team will help your new eyebrows beautify your face.