Rapid development in the field of medicine and cosmetology has resulted in a product with inconceivable results. Non-surgical liposuction is a powerful tool that guarantees safe, effective and lasting results. The effects are permanent and visible even after the first treatment.
This fantastic device permanently destroys fat cells. It reduces localized fat, cellulite and excess weight. 4 to 6 treatments are recommended, and the average loss is 6 to 10 cm.
What is ultrasound wave liposuction and how does it work?
The process done with the help of a device on the human body can be defined as lipolysis using ultrasound wave liposuction.
The phenomenon of ultrasound wave liposuction at a specific frequency, which has not been applied in the field of the aesthetic medicine so far, is, indeed, a phenomenon that fully dissolves fat cells.
The effect of ultrasound waves on our body is vibration of cells and cell structure. The vibration results in collision of molecule liquids and gases (carbon and oxygen), whereas the weak molecules start to burst and decompose. In this case, triglycerides in fat cells disintegrate, turn into monoglycerides and mix with water and gases present in the same fat cell. Fat cell, due to the rapid expansion, bursts and its content is spilled into the inter-cell area. Hence, the lymphatic system absorbs that mixture and neutralizes the treated skin area.
After treatment, lymphatic drainage is compulsory to neutralize treated skin area. Residues of the decomposed fat cells are eliminated (discharged) through the liver and the lymphatic system. The lymphatic drainage can be manual or by using devices. While this treatment is performed, nutrition should be reduced and lots of fluids should be consumed. One treatment on one particular skin area lasts 40 minutes.
The loss of weight, which is irreversible, is noticeable after 5 to 7 days, a period that is necessary for the body to eliminate the dissolved fat in the treated area. During that time, the client is advised to have at least 2 workouts to burn the remaining body fat for a maximum effect.
The ultrasound stable cavitation has the following thermo-mechanical effects:
• ADIPOCYTOLYSIS – fat cell burning,
• LIPOLYSIS – fat cell breakdown and dissolution,
• MONOMERIZATION OF TRIGLYCERIDES – fat elements reduction,
• Improvement of the quality of the blood flow and blood circulation,
• Cellulite reduction.
This treatment combines perfectly with LPG – Endermologie for better results

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