Practical, multi-functional, unique and world-recognized device that provides fast, successful and lasting results. 70 years ago, the French engineer, Louis Philippe Gernais, decided to apply his knowledge and expertise on himself, for his treatment (after burnt skin transplantation). He constructed a device (a combination of electronics and pneumatics), which was, until then, the only device for skin and subcutaneous tissue treatment. The device, in a short period of time, became a worldwide hit. His invention, since then, has been improved so that today it is a world leader in eliminating numerous health and aesthetic problems.

This device ensures rejuvenated and well-shaped body with excellent physical and functional balance. It increases circulation up to 300%, and the flow of blood and lymph reaches up to 200%. It is also used as a medical program for patients suffering from rheumatism, inflammation, swelling knees, spondylosis, painful hips, shoulders, neck, etc.

The LPG technology is a modern and risk-free body shaping method. It affects skin structure, and when combined with the 3D circular massage with vacuum roller, new skin joining tissues are created, while lymph circulation is increased to 200% and toxins are discharged. It replaces 6 massages at once and is client-tailored. The treatment is applicable to all parts of your body. Each treatment is individually adjusted to the client. It reduces body volume and results in smooth and tight skin. Most important is that the achieved results are long lasting. The device includes the following programs: special postpartum program that helps immediate skin and flat stomach recovery, anti-cellulite program, liposuction program, skin tightening program, lymphatic drainage program, localized fat elimination program, and, the most recent, program for Brazilian butt – lift and tone buttock program.

LPG acts quickly and efficiently on all cellulite types:

  • Dense and fibrous cellulite,
  • Old and painful cellulite,
  • Soft cellulite with great water retention,
  • Cellulite due to pregnancy.

At least 10 treatments, twice a week, are recommended.


Boby Master – 1 treatmentБОДИМАСТЕР 1 ТРЕТМАН


Body Master is a multi-program medical device that combines alternating currents to act on different depths of tissues and different imperfections of the body.

It provides excellent efficiency and a comfortable feeling with any chosen program, enabling passive energy expenditure by activation of muscles, shaping, tightening of stomach, buttocks, thighs, hands, breasts.

Instantly visible results, a master of body treatments which, if combined with maderotherapy, gives excellent results. In order to achieve the desired results, we recommend this treatment to be performed 3 times a week.



* Cellulite decomposition

* Toning and shaping of muscles

* Breast lift

* Lymphatic drainage

* Strengthening of the muscles of the hands

* Spondylosis/lumbago

* Muscle atrophy after long immobilization

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