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Microblading Technique of Drawing of Eyebrows – Hair by Hair

Eyebrow drawing that gives a completely natural and incredibly attractive look!

The previous technique of applying permanent makeup to the eyebrows by drawing two thin lines with an apparatus has already been overcome. A step forward was made with the so-called Japanese technique for permanent eyebrow drawing.

In this method, a drawing device is not used as before, but the eyebrows are drawn, hair by hair, directly on the skin using a special applicator with a small cutter. The specific drawing method gives a completely natural look, because the entire shape is not filled, but, with a special technique, thin and curved hairs are drawn in the direction of their natural growth.

The most suitable candidates for this treatment are those people who have started shaping their eyebrows incorrectly, thus destroying their natural appearance, density and size. Also, those people who, due to certain reasons, gradually started to lose their eyebrows.

Under the term eyebrows with a “natural look” is meant well-groomed eyebrows with a beautiful appearance, which resembles their natural appearance. Drawing them hair by hair gives the impression that the eyebrows are not drawn at all, something that was more difficult to achieve with the previous eyebrow drawing technique.

The first step is determining the natural shape of the eyebrows according to the forehead bone and the physiognomy of the face. By improperly shaping the eyebrows over the years, they can completely lose their correct shape, and clients will forget what the authentic shape of their eyebrows actually is. The Japanese hair-by-hair drawing technique helps to correct your shape in such cases.

What is particularly important to know if you decide on this treatment?

First of all, permanent makeup is performed in sterile conditions and exclusively with disposable equipment.

You need to be sure that you want this treatment. Before you decide on it, you can come for a consultation regarding all the dilemmas you have. Please note that this is a type of temporary tattoo that lasts for a long time.

You should be aware that your suggestions when determining the shape of the eyebrows can often be the cause of your possible dissatisfaction with their final appearance at the end of the treatment.

Your character’s eyebrows will look beautiful only if they are in harmony with your face. Therefore, you should know that the shape of the eyebrows that you wanted because you liked it on another person, when it is drawn on yours, may not meet your expectations.

Therefore, it is very important to know that if you want a successful result and a good visual effect, you must leave the look of your eyebrows to a professional to draw them.

The first week after the treatment is a period of getting used to the new look of your eyebrows.

How long does the effect of this treatment last?

In theory, since the pigment binds to the cells in the epidermis, and those cells regenerate over a period of up to 2 years, the pigment itself should last just as long. However, in practice this is not the case. Factors affecting cell renewal must be considered. An important factor is the post-treatment course and skin type. Oily or problematic skin, long exposure to the sun, solarium, various abrasive treatments and the use of skin renewal creams are factors that will contribute to the faster fading of eyebrow pigment.

During the first week after the treatment, the given advice should be followed and proper care of the eyebrows should be taken in order not to lose the color together with the scabs that form after the treatment. It is necessary to make a correction after 20 days of treatment. You will get the final look and pigment after the first eyebrow correction.

Furthermore, to refresh the pigment, depending on the skin type, a correction is needed once a year. In this way, the intensity of the color will continue during the next year.

Trends regarding the shape of the eyebrows, which dictate their height, length or thickness, change very quickly. They are not taken into account when applying this technique.

The shape of the eyebrows is formed exclusively according to the shape of the face and the character of the client. The pigment, i.e. the color of the eyebrows, is determined depending on the pigment of your natural eyebrows. Following these rules, the professional team of Afrodita-S will help your new eyebrows beautify your face.

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It cannot be done during the menstrual cycle, for clients with type 1 diabetes, pregnant women, not allowed for minors, herpes, and clients receiving anticoagulant therapy.