The Picosecond laser is the first of the new generation of technology for aesthetic use. The powerful laser energy breaks down the pigment on the skin and, with its precision and speed, with only 3 to 4 treatments, complete removal of any pigment on the skin from permanent make-up and tattoo is achieved.

The result achieved is complete removal of the tattoo and pigment on all skin color types. Through a specialized fractional lens, the Picosecond laser can convert laser energy into mild pressure to create new collagen, pressing on cells and activating natural cells without burning or damaging the skin.

The Picosecond laser offers a completely painless treatment without anesthesia, without inflammation, and the skin heals immediately after the treatment, unlike previous lasers where the skin heals from 7 to 8 days, the treatment is very painful and requires many sessions for removal of pigment that is not always completely removed.

The results of tattoo removal are permanent.

Ultra-fast pulses work to minimize the amount of heat that is transmitted. Instead of building heat, the Picosecond laser delivers energy so fast that tiny pieces of makeup pigment and tattoo ink vibrate and break down into tiny pieces of dust without burning the surrounding tissue, which the skin can eject through the lymphatic system. The Picosecond laser works with less heat and has a lower risk of damaging the surrounding skin. In addition to removing tattoos, it can achieve the goal of dissolving almost all types of pigments and gives a better effect than the traditional laser for bleaching pigment.

Scope of treatment

– Body tattoo, eyebrow tattoo and lip line.

– Pigment of the epidermis layer.

– Nevus of Ota and birthmarks.

– Speckles, aging pigments, photo damage pigments, sun spots.

– Skin rejuvenation, whitening and skin surface renewal.

– Skin oiliness cleaning and pore shrinkage.