What are Powder Brows? The most popular technique for permanent makeup when it comes to eyebrows is the powder brow technique. This technique is performed as small semi-transparent shading on the surface layer of the skin, which makes the eyebrows look thicker, more complete and nourished.
Permanent make-up is one of the mandatory aesthetic treatments today. There is almost no girl without permanent make-up, especially on eyebrows. Powder brows provide a natural look with a slight shade to your eyebrows.
The procedure itself is carried out in sterile conditions, all parts of the device are sterilized and sanitized, only new and sterile needles are used for each client separately, as well as new medical gloves and a face mask. Before the procedure begins, a conversation with the client is preceded, so that we can define exactly what is desired and how best results can be achieved. After drawing the contour, according to the face and complexion, and in accordance with the client’s requirements for the said form, the treatment may start.
After treatment, the skin is a bit tight but it regenerates quickly, following the recommended guidelines. The eyebrows will look a little darker, but after a week they will slowly get the desired color, and the final and long-lasting effect will be seen 6 to 8 weeks after the second treatment, i.e. correction.
After treatment, all you need to do is apply a cream twice a day, when it comes to make-up, it is enough to avoid the eyebrow area, because clients often want to camouflage the eyebrow healing process, which is not recommended primarily because of the bacteria on the pen or the brush.
The powder brow technique is also a treatment for older women with lowered eyebrows, as well as for those with gray eyebrows or extremely light, women who do not like to make up, but want to look good. This technique can hide pronounced facial and skin anomalies in the eyebrow area, as well as scars from injuries or surgery.
If you want a good look and shade of your eyebrows, then the Powder Brows technique is the right choice for you.