Permanent make-up helps highlight or correct eyes and lips contours and get the ideal eyebrows shape, appropriate to the shape of your face and eyes. The product used for this treatment is a natural temporary pigment, which begins to fade gradually after a year. Complete fading, or disappearance, occurs in 3 to 5 years.
The permanent make-up gives a rejuvenating effect and most importantly you are always ready and look fine at every opportunity, very natural and unobtrusive.
By emphasizing eyes, lips and eyebrows contours, you will have a more impressive look and you will always look neat. Your eyes will get cheerful and more prominent look, visually raising the fallen end of the eye. Eyebrows are also an important part and can be corrected. Eyebrows, however, can be thickened, evened, shaded or raised, in all natural colors, the lightest to the darkest nuances, according to your preferences.
Permanent make-up is ideal solution for women who do not have time to make-up every day, and for those who do not want to correct their make-up constantly.
Permanent make-up always makes you look perfect and younger!