Gel nails give a natural look, flexibility and durability of the client’s nails, thus covering the damaged or cracked natural nails. The purpose of the gel nails is to achieve after a while the natural length and beauty of the client’s nails. The gel becomes a strong base for natural nails and prevents them from cracking and damaging. Gel nails are made of a special gel, dental powder or porcelain in a process that includes several steps. The advantage of gel nails is that it takes less time for application than acrylic nails. The gel nail technique is performed by professionals. Gel nails are designed to make your nails look natural and durable. This is a treatment for damaged and cracked nails.

Gel nails are not only easy to maintain but also look beautiful. Some other advantages of gel nails are that they are odorless and can be applied easily. Gel nails are thin and lightweight, which makes them ideal for wearing.

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