Kiara Sky Deep Powder is the most effective method for extending nails with long lasting effect.
This powder technique provides flexibility and helps in growing nails that are thin and brittle, protecting them and giving them a natural look, firmness and durability.
What is extremely positive about this method is that you do not feel pressure or weight and your nail breathes, while in the standard gel technique, pressure and weight are unavoidable. After removal, your nail remains intact as the nail is not treated at all and no primer is applied in the procedure, so your nails remain in excellent and preserved condition.
By using this method, an extra layer of protection to your nail is added, preventing further damage and allowing the natural nail to grow without breakage.
Aside from its firmness and durability, the Deep Powder method is a completely safe option, which is considered its special advantage.
This powder is fragrance-free and is formulated without chemicals, contains vitamin E and calcium which help to strengthen the nails, without damaging them.
In addition, it does not cause allergies, does not use UV or LED lamp, so it is suitable for pregnant women, too.
The Deep Powder method can also be applied to nails extended with tips. Upon client’s request, the tips are stuck at the end of your nails and are shaped into one of the following forms: oval, almond, cube, round, stiletto or ballerina.
Fast, easy and simple to apply which makes your nails look flawless and trendy.
We have an excellent Kiara Sky color palette.