Russian volume silk eyelashes is eyelash extension method in which 3-4 silk hairs are glued to natural eyelashes. A dense and glamorous effect is achieved, without lumps.
Volume lashes indicate extensions with a stronger effect, i.e. additional volume. The Russian volume eyelashes is a treatment invented just a few years ago in Russia, and then, because of efficiency and quality effect, it was spread all over the world. The treatment involves more complex and delicate eyelash extension process.
They look so natural that you have a feeling that they are yours. Simply, there is no feeling of artificial extension. They give a seductive, mysterious and defined look. After the Russian volume silk eyelash extension, you no longer need your mascara. This special method will give you what nature couldn’t, with a lasting effect.
They last for 1-2 months and you can do everything you do daily with them: swim, shower, and sunbathe, relieved of the fear of losing them. All you need to do is extend them regularly, after a few weeks. Natural eyelashes are renewed every two to three weeks, by removing the previous extension. Every consequent extension (correction), as a process, is shorter.